We’re organizing kvir_feminist_actziya again!

Yes, it’s on! The collective is working on the organization of the kvir_feminist_actziya_2014!!! Fireworks and glitter! Yeah yeah yeah!

We will post details, the date of the evetm, the official call etc…. as soon as we know more (:

People from Vienna are invited to join the kvir_feminist_collective and organizte stuff! Weekly meetings @ Frauencafe, Lange Gasse 11, starting 6 PM. Please write a short e-mail in advance, so we will know, that you’re dropping by. Open to all genders!

Helping hands from Vienna are also welcome anytime!!!

If you’re not from Vienna and can’t attend the meetings, but still want to support the festival: please contact us via kvirfem_festival (at) riseup (dot) net. We always need help with translation of our materials, spreading information, fundraising etc…

Thank you and see you soon!

The kvir fems


some after festival notes

first of all: thank you all so so much for being there and making this an absolutely unforgettable freakin awesome paradisiac weekend!!! we cant believe its over… but hey, lets think of it as a beginning, not an end! so we’ll stay in touch and hopefully see you all soon! lots of love

today we will have our first collective meeting after the festival, to reflect a little bit on what went well and what not so. hopefully we can generate new energies for new projects. already at the festival there were some rumours about the kvir_feminist_actziya 2014. but who knows where it will be, when and under which label. in any case we would like to generate a good documentation of everything so it might be used by other people (or ourselves too) in order to create even more of such spaces.

and because there is much more talk about the festival on facebook and in other digital fora, we would like to also state a serious note: if you post pictures from the festival on your facebook profile or anywhere else on the web, please please please ask the people that are on those very pictures if they are ok with it! otherwise you could seriously harm their well-being. remember that you can’t always know under which situation people live and which sort of repression they are subjected too.

Be careful with each other, so we can be dangerous together!


another day of KVIR_FEMINIST_ACTZIYA starting right now!!!
amazing workshops

today, tüwi to ourselves, sun is shining, food is ready – could it get any better?


                                                                and with yourself if you want 😉 (check the program!)

PROGRAM booklets printed!!!


Here they come! Freshly printed in the dead of night, refined with some “Eastern Europe $$$tyle” madness, roaring laughter, *bling*bling* and love!!!

Check out the pdf herrrre: KVIFEMBOOKLET WEB

                 Yeah, pack ur unicornish socks and glitter!

See you @4 PM in front of the university main building for the kvirrr_feminist city tour. Then the kick off@6PM in freiräumchen* in the Rosa Lila Villa


Tomorrow – queer_feminist Vienna city tour & welcome session

Tomorrow (Thu, 6th June) at 4 p.m. there is a short queer_feminist Vienna city tour. We are going to visit few interesting queer_feminist places in Vienna together, tell about the places/collectives and have fun with each other! The tour is going to last for about 2 hours. It´s going to end in Rosa Lila Villa, where we have a welcome session with food and drinks.

The meeting point for the queer-feminist city tour is in front of the main building of the University of Vienna (Universität Wien, Hauptgebäude) at 4 p.m. We are going to meet in front of the big stairs at the front side of the university. The address is: Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna. This is a very famous and central place (first district) and can be reached realy well from all parts of the town. The metro and tram station is called “Schottentor”, it is about 50 meters from our meeting point. You can arrive there with subway U2, with trams 1, 2, D, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, or with busses 1A and 40A.

For those who cannot make it to come to the queer_feminist city tour, you can come directly to Rosa Lila Villa (Linke Wienzeile 102). The welcome session starts at 6 p.m.

See you there tomorrow!

short update on rain and media coverage

in case you’re worried about the rain and a flood and the end of the world – tüwi is on a hill, don’t worry, we will be fine! but saddle your magic unicorns, just in case.

see you tomorrow, 5pm @ frauen*café for the first organizers-helpinghands-participants-beer-networking-meeting!

by the way, check out our article on diestandard.at – http://diestandard.at/1369362415391/Kvir-Actziya

YAY!!l The countdown has begun!!!

Informal kick-off in only 1 week from now! woohoo

!!! Thursday, 6th of June @ freiräumchen*, Rosa Lila Villa,  6pm  Linke Wienzeile 102 !!!

Oficial programme begins on 7th of June:
breaktfast 10 AM @ TÜWI Peter-Jordan-Straße 76,
intro & welcome session 11 AM @ TÜWI Baracke,
workshops and lectures starting 12AM @ “Oskar Simony Haus” in Peter-Jordan Straße 65 (just around the corner and across the Pater-Jordan Straße when coming from TüWi)
Programme is still in progress –> https://kvirfemactziya2013.diebin.at/?page_id=21

Radio shows about the festival

We already have radio coverage and a lot of more requests for different radio shows. We will keep you updated on that.

Here what was already sent:

Programme, Materials & Location updates

Poster (1024px) - JPG 0.5 MBFinally we could put online some material. Posters and Flyers can be found in the material section, more infos on the festival venue with some nice plans how to get there is in the location section. And lust but not least (yes, we mean it ;)) the first public version of the programme is online too. Head to the programme section for that.

Within the next day more and more updates might follow. Especially the programme is just the first preliminary public version. Some minor changes still could occur. Also we would like to ask back at those participants who provide some workshop/lecture/discussion/performance/* how they want their stuff announces. That is why names and titles will be updated within the next days. Also a collection of short explanations of the single events (a sort of ‘book of abstracts’) is being compiled and hopefully online at our next meeting (which will be this Friday).

We also still and always could need more people doing organisational stuff, or just be there with some helping hands. If you plan to just come by at the festival to help out a bit, please let us know before, so that we don’t have completely stress out just because we think we are all alone 😉