The most pornographic book in the world

Anatoly Belov

Presentation of two books:

“The most pornographic book in the world» (2008)

This book is not linear story, through poetry and picture caption about being human in the modern world, awareness, analysis of their sexuality, role in society.

Having a degree in Book Design, in terms of design I have created an anti-book, although conventional form of the book – cover, pages, and their sequence – were preserved. Various subconscious images, truth life stories or images taken from porn web-sites mingling with each other created their own coherent nonlinear poetry.

“The most pornographic book in the world II” (2012)

The book was written in the Vienna residence of KulturKontact in 2012, being continuation of the previous book. The book is about questions of sexuality, homosexuality,  and similar questions in Ukraine. “The most pornographic book in the world II” has a lot songs, many of which can be heard in musical performance of Ludska Podoba. From Russian and Ukrainian language to German has been  translated by Erich Klein.

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