ZbeLeTron party

Party with DJ and VJ performances

ZbeLeTron DJ/VJ collective is primarily focused on organizing community events for lesbians, bisexual and transgender women in order to give them an opportunity to meet and collaborate and also to get in touch with female and queer artists and their work, primarily from the Balkans region. In the past four years ZbeLeTron has become one of the most prominent and most recognized  women initiatives in Zagreb and Croatia. We are proud to say we are among first two initiatives in Balkans that featured all-female DJ/VJ collective and the first which upgraded it’s collective into LGBTIQ one, thus starting to represent members from the entire community. In the last couple of years, our community events have become synonym for good fun, great attendance, excellent music and presentation of innovative musician and artists. We are proud that ZbeLeTron is one of the reasons why lesbian music scene has such a strong visibility and presence in Croatia.

For Kvir Feminist Actziya festival in Vienna, ZbeLeTron plans to rock your body with two of it’s DJanes, different in music selection and presentation: the beloved DJane Nori Gnom who’s been a part of ZbeLeTron since it’s very start and plans to offer her recognizable, danceable and trustworthy selection to the audience. Next to her ZbeLeTron will be represented by two new hopes of the collective: a minimal electronic music lover DJ Sorel (who often performs as his drag alter-ego DJane Marina Diamond) and VJ Donnie with his psychedelic visualisations.

Invitation Politix: open to all