„In the name of the father” (antiprayer) (performance followed by a workshop)

Veda Popovici

„In the name of the father” is an impossible physical perfomance in which the body of a woman confronts the oppressed position which she occupies through self-violence. By violently enacting the specificity of a womanly body, this body (my own) speaks to „the father”, an entity encapsulating multiple oppressive entities: the father – head of mononuclear, heterosexual family; god – head of christian religion; capital; empire – as the geo-system of colonialism and neo-colonialism.

The workshop will focus on the potential problematic character of the performance and through this address some key radical feminist debates: emancipation through violence, essentialism and culture-based identity, cisidentity and queer. Also it opens a discussion on the intersectionality of the oppressive structures sketched above from the character of „the Father”.

Invitation Politix: open to all