Stencils for every day. Quick art-activism strategy. (workshop)

M!kaela, artist, feminist, activist.

Contemporary art – is just the art about something you feel significant right now. Stencils and spray paint – are handy and quick tools to express it. They also works good to include your agenda into the context of your city or district. Quick stencil technique don’t need many time or special artist skills. If you can write, draw rectangles, triangles and cut – then you can do graffity.  For me doing  small  quick graffity it’s very important and desirable skill as I usually have SO little time to draw for my self. And yet I am still not very good in it, so I would like to have some practice together. Small things helps to do small steps and to learn constantly.  But that’s  so much fun to make them. Streets are so overfilled with commerсial adverts. Let’s reclaim our voices and our imagination!

Invitation Politix: open to all