Eastern Europe for dummies


There is an endless discourse on first world and third world – whether or not these expressions are “politically correct”, there is no talk about the second, and what exactly belongs to this “second world” and what is it’s position socially, economically and politically in the postcolonial/neocolonial power relations. During this (non-academic) discussion we will try to go through what it means, structurally, to live in and to migrate from south-east to north-west, and what it means to do that the other way around, mapping our own different backgrounds and privileges and preconceptions on “Europe(s)”.

Invitation Politix: people of all genders, and all “herkunft” can participate, however participants should feel open/safe/encouraged to discuss/reveal openly their backgrounds, their privileges and their socialisations (not particularly related to gender, but for the content of the discussion) and people with privileged (western) backgrounds should give space to people with non-privileged (eastern, south-eastern) backgrounds and should be able/should try to actively listen.