Queer art pastel workshop

Association for fine arts and design PLANETdesign B&H

Workshop is intended for 15 people. Activist and guests of the festival that are amateur or not involved in queer-art and queer theory practices. This will be basic queer art 4 hour training that will provide participants new knowledge and new vision of the queer world. Also, this is one fun way to learn and experience queer freedom.

Workshop will be held by artist Melisa Haćimić-Ljubović, art asistent and tech member of Association for fine arts and design Besma Arnaut – Bajraktarević.

Lead artist will bring inspiration materials and assist participants at workshop in making their own queer master-pieces, while art assistant will held theoretical part of the workshop and make video material for further use.

Pastels are fast for use and very high rated material in fine art sphere, also need to be use properly and participants are going to be known with that. Organic colors can be used also, and most important thing all materials are going to be provided from safe and green-minded producers. Recycled paper will be in use and left-overs will be recycled too.

Workshop needs to be flexible and can be held anywhere, at the top of the building, in park, in garage, or indoor. Easels are priority in holding these kind of workshops.

Art works that came from workshop can be photographed and exhibited online at Gallery Planet Online gallery showroom, if participant allow.

Invitation Politix: open to all