Radical (Collective) Intimacy Ritual and Reflections


The world becomes intelligible for us through patterns, composed of existing objects and orientations. However, as queer feminists we are not interested in justifying the existence of these patterns, but in questioning them, in which way can they serve us to create different, more, and better objects of desire. During the 2 hours of this workshop we will look and explore intimacy/ our intimacies, the shapes they take and how we can create a net of collective intimacy. In practical terms this means we start from a set of exercises on breathing, body movement and sounds, to train ourselves in the process of joining our individual desires through a circle of erotic energies, a space/moment of the experience of women with women, accessing the power of pleasure and the strength of intimacy regardless of age, ability, sexual orientation, or background.

More infos on KLITTERS’ practices are found on their blog entries on The Politics of Collective Intimacy and the Guided Masturbation Ritual.

Invitation politix: open to women identified people