The Queer Worker (lecture-performance)

Mihai Lukacs

“The Queer Worker” uses socialist stereotypes regarding the working class merged with queer theory and political utopias regarding a genderless and classless society.   The class struggle of the proletariat intersectionally expands through the feminist, queer and anti-racist struggles. The exploitation of the working class goes hand in hand with the oppression of women and queers. Our struggles for sexual justice go hand in hand with those for social justice, the redistribution of goods goes hand in hand with changing the gendered/sexed/racialized instruments of culture. The queer worker will give critical concern to women’s and queer issues in their own right, while being part of a retro-future cooperative and classless society. Some of the questions that are addressed are related to an utopian movement that goes beyond the interests of its most privileged elements and to an existing commitment to socialism as politics with no queer or feminist bullet points at the end of the list. The queer worker embodies and gives voice to these concerns.

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