QueerFeminist Comic Zine “Practice Solidarity!” (Open Space to create collective eZine)

Vasilili (anarcho-feminist, activist), Rotten Zombi (queer anarcho-feminist artist)

In the feminist community often rises the question of solidarity and consolidation within the feminist movement. We are convinced that such consolidation and support are possible by creating space for the collective co-creation and action. We are close to the idea of situational consolidation “here and now”, the “flash-consolidation”, which could result in the creation of a common product.

In Belarus, especially because of the political context, feminist / gender / queer groups exist in a high-risk situations and pressure, that is why the question of support is an important point of the existence of groups and initiatives. Accordingly, we would like to organize a space that would allow us and other groups from other countries express their “trouble” about certain issues, and also to identify possible types of resistance through the organization of joint activity to create a collective comic zine.

We propose to build the work in the form of dialogue. Before the festival, we are going to prepare some comics (sketches), which would reflect our vision of queer feminist agenda in Belarus, and in particular our personal experience of becoming feminist in the local context. Participants of the festival will be welcomed to check out our sketches, and other Belarusian materials on the subject that we collect, after that they can contribute to the creation of common zine which will include comic parts (ready-made pictures with empty bubles. f.e.) but will also leave space for more free participation (drawing their own comics, f.e.).

This may be their reaction / reflection on some prepared materials or presentation of their local context, their vision of issues abot communication between groups from different countries, their personal experience of self-determination themselves as feminists, etc. We do not limit the participants in the form of expressing their utterance.

Invitation politix: open to all