Is/how mass emancipation is possible in the context where feminism is demonized and marginalized so much that it can not be a resource for majority of women? (discussion)

Tamara Zlobina, queer socialist feminist

The very concept of queer came into Central-Eastern Europe without previous long
history of LGBT movement, as borrowed (academic) idea, somehow very distant
from the everyday reality of post-socialist countries. Moreover, specific
“time knot” was created in this geopolitical location, where different
“waves” of feminism can be found simultaneously, and special sensitivity
should be payed in order to recognize their impact. Even higher level of
sensitivity is required in order to recognize emancipation beyond usual
feminist tropes of guerrilla and direct rebellion. I will propose few
different examples (art works, popular psychology site, and Luce Irigaray
concepts of productive mimesis and masquerade) in order to open common
discussion on the subject.

Invitation politix: open to all