The Project “Queer Culture”

Alexandr Deineko

The project “Queer-Culture” is created for communication and create a shared vision of queer community in Europe. My blog that I’m going to present at the festival, tells the story of “Queer opinion: talking about personal” where I say your opinion about the problems and difficulties of different situations faced by Queer.

I live in Kazakhstan since 27 years. I was born around the time when Kazakhstan was a part of the Soviet Union. Those were relatively calm times, but maybe I’m wrong about that, I was still little.
Anyways, today it looks like this: we have a lifetime-president and his family, which means that the political development in Kazakhstan is determined for many decades to come. Maybe this is the reason for flourishing corruption – the head of state is exemplary for taking over everything that surrounds you, just for your own benefit.

In principle, Kazakhstan can afford a lot – expensive Asia-Winter-Games, the World Exhibition (Expo) and the brandnew capital, which was build from scratch. What Kazakhstan can not afford is the prohibition of discrimination against LGBTs, laws against murder and assault of homosexuals and making sure that many many rights are secured, even though they are in the constitution. Basic human rights are violated principally everywhere in Kazakhstan – in hospitals, at prosecuting institutions, even in supermarkets…

In my workshop I am going to present my blog “Q7ueer opinion: talking about personal“. Here I share my opinions about the problems and difficulties that Queers face in various situations and contexts.  I would like to tell you about different living situations of the LGBTIQ-communities in post-soviet states, and think about our similarities, differences and problems together with you. Different continents, different countries, but some things we have in common: How do I tell my parents and relatives about my sexuality and gender-identity? How do I deal with it in everyday life, to not be fired from my job or to avoid being the target of homophobic aggression and violence? How can I raise my children or live in a relationship in a legally secured way?

Invitation politix: open to all