*Dear all!*

We would like to invite you to participate in our non-commercial, self-organized
Do-It-Yourself queer_feminist [1] super cool festival of awesomeness against
Western bias

The queer_feminist festival is organized by a group of migrants* from the imaginary place called “(South) Eastern Europe” and their allies. The aim of the festival is to create a space where we all can engage in a critique of the notorious dominance of “Western” queer_feminist concepts within LGBTIAQQ [2] activism as well as theory. We want to focus on self-(re)presentation, empowerment and trans-regional networking of activists from (South) Eastern Europe and to spotlight activism beyond hegemonic “Western” images and ideas of how “queer” and “feminism” have to be or what they look like.

More than 70 kvir_feminist activists, artists, performers, musicians and (other) people interested from various feminist and LGBTIAQQ- spaces and regions from (South)Eastern contexts and beyond will come to Vienna to engage with each other, learn from one another and present their art and activism in the form of workshops, lectures, film presentations, discussions, exhibitions etc. Literally, we all want to create a space for debating and examining representations, differences and imbedded power-relations. Furthermore, we would like to work on kvir_feminist strategies, subversive crafting, artistic expression and forms of solidary action to fight heteronormativity, homophobia, sexism and other forms of oppression and to further a kvir_feminist world revolution.

The festival organizers will (try to) provide food and accommodation for everyone who wants to attend. However, we are just a handful of people and therefore volunteers are very much needed and appreciated. Whether you want to help with cooking, translating, transporting stuff or whatsoever: helping hands are very welcome at any time!

We all share a do-it-yourself ethos and approach which means that everyone contributes only as much as one is able to, so we expect that all participants, visitors, workshop-leaders, artists will do the same. The festival will be what we make of it, together!

*Come kvir, stay rebel, see you there!*

[1] We are aware that by now, “queer“ is a highly theoretical and academic term, which at the same time becomes more and more linked to consumerism and a certain “chic lifestyle”. Nevertheless we decided to use it for our cause, to re-implement it, to signify a form of fight, and to make it visible and strong again. We are also aware that “queer” can be seen as a Western hegemonic concept and that in the course of the festival it will not appeal to everyone. One of the purposes of the festival will be to discuss exactly these issues.

[2] Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Intersex, Asexual, Questioning, Queer